We acquire, recommend, resell and integrate the best geospatial data and software in the industry

Our services

Since inception, our team of professionals has provided consulting services for successful selection, implementation and support of geospatial software and data.


Intelligent and Information-Rich Services

Geospatial Data Acquisition & Processing

The Geospatial datasets acquired by Progis includes the following: Administrative Boundaries, Vector datasets, Raster datasets, Points of Interest, Clutter or settlement Map of Nigeria, 2D & 3D Building Address Database and Terrain Models.

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Enterprise GIS & Location Intelligence Solutions

Enterprise GIS application provides broad access to geospatial data/services across client’s departments thereby enabling location intelligence within the organization.

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Training & Capacity Building

Our Project deliverables include a robust training on geospatial data collection and capacity building program on Geo information Management for our clients which often commence towards the end of the project.

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Customer Enumeration & Asset Mapping

Progis has extensive experience and capacity in carrying out scientific customer (service recipient) enumeration and assets mapping

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GIS Project Management

Our in-depth knowledge of project management and thorough understanding of issues such as: planning, knowledge of the objectives of the project, project environment and politics contributes to our success in managing strategic GIS Projects.

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Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

We access and identify the environmental, social and economic impacts of a project prior to decision-making. We do this to predict environmental impacts at an early stage in project planning and design, find ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, shape projects to suit the local environment and present the predictions and options to decision-makers.

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