Our Partners


Safe Software makes the data integration platform (FME) with the best support for spatial data. Connect applications, transform data, and automate workflow.

FME is the data integration platform that allows you to connect and transform data between hundreds of systems, with the best support for spatial data. It is a platform that streamlines the translation of spatial data between geometric and digital formats. It is intended especially for use with geographic information system (GIS), computer-aided design (CAD) and raster graphics software.


We Resell SAFE Software Applications

Our partnership with SAFE enables us to resell their FME application in Nigeria. These applications include

FME Desktop

FME Desktop supports 450+ formats and applications to help you integrate and transform data exactly for your needs. Build workspaces in FME Desktop’s drag-and-drop interface and re-use your workflows anytime you need to.

  • Custom Transformations
  • Data Validation Capabilities
  • Preview Data Changes
  • Best Support for Spatial Data
  • Scalable for The Enterprise
  • Cost effective
fme desktop

FME Server

fme server

Automatically steer data in the right direction with FME Server. Bring your workspaces from FME Desktop online so anyone within your network can harness the data integration power of FME.

  • Automate & Save Time
  • Manage Data Securely
  • Make Data More Accessible
  • Make Informed Decisions

FME Cloud

Put Data On Autopilot

Repetitive, mundane tasks are, by definition, boring. Leave these tasks to FME so you can spend your time solving exciting problems and identifying how you can help lead your organization to success.

  • Automate & Save Time
  • Manage Data Securely
  • Create schedules to run workflows at regular intervals
  • Build FME Server Apps that anyone can access
  • View which jobs are running, have been queued, or are completed
  • Launch instances from one of seven AWS regions around the world